5 Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

According to recent census data, around 64.8% of Americans are homeowners. That’s a lot of people who own property- around 215 million people, to be precise!

If you’re someone who owns property and wants to make sure that your home is in good shape year-round, you likely paint the exterior of your home every few years. While using the same color as you had before is a safe option, it’s more fun and rewarding to change the color of your house every so often and keep things fresh.

Here, we’re going to give you some tips for choosing exterior paint colors when revamping your home. Read on to learn how to make your house look the best it possibly can!

  1. Pick Something You Like

While you may not know the science behind color and its effect on mood, you’ve definitely experienced this phenomenon. Looking at colors that carry and represent positive emotions are sure to lift your spirits, while colors you dislike can make you feel angry or sad.

Your home’s exterior paint color is what you’re going to see every time you pull into your driveway after a long workday. If you want to be in a good mood while relaxing in your home, make sure it’s a hue that you like.

  1. Be Unique…

Everyone’s white picket fence houses tend to be the same few colors. Deep reds, eggshell whites, and cream… well, they’re everywhere. While they’re not necessarily bad colors, you might be thinking that you want to be a little different.

Unique homes are awesome, and if a robin’s egg blue, auburn, or soft pink exterior paint job are what you want, don’t shy away from that!

  1. …But Not Tacky

Still, there’s a fine line between being unique and being tacky. A very light sky blue will look amazing and funky, but neon electric blue? Not so much. You don’t want to accidentally turn your house into an eyesore.

Luckily, this is pretty easy to avoid if you just use common sense. Look at homes online to see what looks good and what doesn’t. It’s that simple!

  1. Stick With a Theme

Avoiding tackiness is easy when you stick to a theme. There are certain home colors that match well with the roofing and siding you use. You also don’t want it to clash with any lawn decor you hold dear.

Have fun with paint colors, but be vigilant as to what colors go together. You don’t want people to cringe at your home because it’s a blemish on the neighborhood.

  1. Match Your Interior

The importance of matching your home’s exterior to its interior can’t be overstated. After all, the outside is going to put people in a certain- hopefully welcoming- mood, and you want the interior to keep with that theme.

If you have a certain industrial floor coating, for example, you don’t want a home exterior that totally clashes with it. Make sure that your home has a consistent vibe.

Start Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

While home remodeling can be a difficult task, it’s both important and rewarding. As long as you choose colors you like and color schemes that work with the rest of your home, you shouldn’t have any problems… besides loving the changes too much!

Our knowledgeable experts will be happy to talk to you about all things involving home remodeling and help you with it at an affordable price.

Now that you know how to start choosing exterior paint colors that will make your house look like the perfect home, visit the ‘contact us’ tab on our page. Good luck!


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